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  • Interview with Josh White
  • Interview with Kevin Morrison
  • Client Testimonial: Enthusiastic and Professional
  • Client Testimonial: Felt Like Family
  • Client Testimonial: Emotional Intelligence
  • Client Testimonials: Compassion
  • Client Testimonials: White-Glove Service
  • Client Testimonials: Fighting for Your Best Interests
  • Client Testimonial: Altair Law is in Your Corner
  • Client Testimonial: Personally Invested
  • Client Testimonials: Beyond 'Just a Client'
  • Client Testimonial: Light at the End of the Tunnel
  • Client Testimonial: Inclusive and Understanding
  • Client Testimonial: Reassuring and Reliable
  • Client Testimonial: Guidance and Confidence
  • Client Testimonial: Bulldogs in the Court Room
  • Altair Law in 2021
    Looking back on the firm's successes from 2021.
  • Supplemental Income
  • The American Dream
    People who come to America are looking for a new, safer life and a means to support their loved ones. Andje Medina understands their plight and wants to help them realize their vision of a better future.
  • Guidance You Can Trust
    The partners at Altair Law explain what they value most about their work — from making the human connection that enhances and drives the client's story to ultimately helping them find their stride again and get their life back on track.
  • A Righteous Case
    When a corporation's negligence causes severe harm to a person and their loved ones, a lasting relationship between a personal injury lawyer and their client is born. Kevin Morrison and his colleagues at Altair Law know this first hand.
  • The Brightest Star
    The founders of Altair Law forewent having a firm named for its partners and chose a title that best inspired confidence and trust in their clients. That's why they went with the brightest star of its constellation — Altair.
  • Build a Better Future
    The passion to fight for what’s right can’t be taught. It is passed down through the generations and lives within the attorneys at Altair Law. Josh White reflects on his childhood and how his parents taught him to leave the world better off than he found it.
  • Noah Phillips of Altair Law Talks Personal Injury | Abogado Noah Phillips con Ed Diaz
    In this interview, Attorney Noah Phillips describes the different types of personal injury cases his firm litigates and discusses the rights of injured victims who have been involved in an accident and sustained serious injuries. Specifically, Mr. Phillips explains how undocumented immigrants have the same legal rights that US citizens possess when they bring a personal injury lawsuit to recover compensation for their damages. Mr. Phillips also discusses the types of compensation a personal injury plaintiff could recover for their damages, such as medical bills and lost wages, and how a monetary recovery may positively affect that plaintiff’s ability to obtain documented status.

    En esta entrevista, el abogado Noah Phillips describe los diferentes tipos de casos de daños personales que su oficina de abogados procesa y también nos da un resumen de los derechos de las victimas que han sufrido daños físicos por causa de un accidente. Principalmente, el Sr. Phillips nos explica que las personas indocumentadas poseen los mismos derechos que los de un ciudadano americano cuando deciden presentar un reclamo civil por sus daños. El Sr. Phillips también no ayuda a entender que tipos de compensación se pueden recuperar en un caso de daños físicos, como pagos para cuentas médicas y perdida de salario, y de cómo esta compensación les puede ayudar a estas víctimas a obtener estatus migratorio.
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