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Altair Law® helps families and individuals find answers, direction, and relief following tragedy.

Successfully Fighting for the Underdog

Our attorneys take a collaborative approach to practice law. Each of our attorneys has been trial-tested and industry-recognized for achieving outstanding results in court.

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  • Who We Help

    Altair Law® helps individuals and families find answers. We are often the first call after a traumatic event. We meet clients in hospitals or their homes taking the added stress of finding time to meet with an attorney out of the equation. Our clients include pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, passengers, workers, patients, product users, consumers, and everyone in between. We work for real people to get real results.

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  • What We Do

    We start by listening. Altair’s attorneys will meet with you for a free consultation to answer your questions about what steps you should be taking to protect your interests. During this consultation, we will discuss our approach to getting you the best possible result. We will also develop a plan so that you know what to expect and we know what your personal goals are for your case.


Altair in the News

Consumer Attorneys Applaud Governor Newsom Signing the Protect California Drivers Act into Law

SB 1107 Modernizes Mandatory Minimums for Auto Insurance in California


J. Kevin Morrison Published in California Litigation Magazine

Read "Civility in the Legal Profession: It’s Up to Us to Save It" by J. Kevin Morrison, published in Volume 35, Issue 1 of California Litigation.


AB 35 Legislation Modernizes Awarding Damages in Medical Malpractice Cases in California

Governor Gavin Newsom today signed AB 35, legislation to modernize the system for awarding damages in medical malpractice cases in California. “Injured patients deserve to be fairly compensated when their rights have been violated, and we commend the leadership of Governor Newsom to help get this done. Injured patients and their families are better off under the modified MICRA, and we look forward to continuing to serve in the best interest of our clients,” said Consumer Attorneys of California President Craig M. Peters.


Uber Can't Duck Negligence Suit Over Garbageman's Injuries

Joshua White of Altair Law LLP, representing the Masons, told Law360 on Tuesday they're thrilled with the decision. "We think they got it 100% right," he said. "The Masons were devastated when the trial court granted defendants' motion for summary judgment, and now, because of this, we get to go forward and hopefully obtain some measure of accountability and justice for the Masons."


Covid-19 Negligent Exposure Cases: Not a Plaintiff's Paradise

by J. Kevin Morrison and Noah A. Phillips

The extent of the devastation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, to both life and health, continues to be carefully calculated and assessed by governments and public health agencies since the outbreak of the virus. As expected, the legal establishment has also kept a close watch over the effects of the pandemic on the legal system, paying particular attention to the rate of increase in pandemic-related tort litigation and to the types of lawsuits most likely to account for that increase.


Altair Client Obtains Largest Medical Malpractice Settlement in the State of California

Altair Law was recently asked to partner with two other law firms to help a young child who suffered an internal decapitation at birth due to medical malpractice.