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Bicycling is a favorite hobby for many Californians and tourists alike. Unfortunately, bicyclists are forced to share the road with distracted and unsafe drivers. Rarely does a cyclist escape a collision with a vehicle uninjured. It is not just negligent drivers that can injure a cyclist, dangerous conditions on roadways and bike paths like obstacles and potholes, as well as dangerously designed intersections, roadways and paths can have catastrophic consequences for this vulnerable group. Additionally, dooring by inattentive drivers and passengers exiting parked vehicles, as well as negligent rideshare vehicles that double park and allow passengers to unload in unsafe areas create daily hazards.

Altair Law is committed to promoting bicyclist safety, especially in our local urban areas. As a supporter and member of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition our attorneys strive to stay involved in organizations that promote the health and safety of our fellow community members. With decades of experience and an impressive results history, we are the lawyers that you want to represent you after a bicycle accident.

Altair lawyers have handled numerous injury cases in the Bay Area and throughout California. We know the unique aspects of bicycle accident reconstruction and how to overcome the bias against cyclists. Our focused experience, both in the office and on two wheels, has helped us obtain justice for our clients who were seriously injured on a bicycle.

If you were injured in a bicycle accident, please contact us to discuss your case. We provide free consultations, work on a contingency fee basis, and advance all case costs.