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Public Entity Liability

Every victim injured by intentional or negligent conduct has the right to recover damages from those responsible. However, when at-fault parties are government entities, special laws and stringent timelines come into play.

Civil claims against a government entity, like a police department, school district, public works department, transportation agency, city, or state, to name a few, have many challenges. The biggest challenge is the special procedures and protections that are designed to limit the liability of the government and its agents. These laws, including the Federal Tort Claims Act and state-equivalent legislation, make it more difficult to hold government defendants liable for damages. In addition, they include procedures that can confuse the claim process and place additional requirements on claimants. Many unsuspecting individuals are unaware that a Notice of Claim often must be lodged with the correct government entity prior to filing any lawsuit. There are many procedural pitfalls for the unwary and it is important to seek legal guidance through the process.

The reality is that government entities have a responsibility to keep people safe when on public property, but the unique defenses, rules, and procedures for claims against the government can really complicate a plaintiff’s ability to get justice. Our attorneys have expensive experience litigating complex personal injury and wrongful death actions against local, county, state, and federal government entities. Please contact us to discuss your rights.

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