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Trial Over UPS Shooting Highlights Security Failures

11/29/2021 | Courthouse News
On the morning of June 14, 2017, 38 year-old Jimmy Lam strolled into work at a United Parcel Service distribution center in San Francisco, went up to a third-floor meeting of fellow drivers and wordlessly opened fire.

He shot Benson Louie, 50, execution-style in the head, then 56 year-old Wayne Chan in the back as his co-workers ran for cover. Lam then walked outside, where he shot and killed Mike Lefiti, 46.

As police officers descended on the facility, Lam turned the gun on himself. Authorities recovered two stolen guns, including one Mac 10-style machine pistol, from the scene along with a backpack containing ammunition.

Three months later, families of the victims and two UPS employees who were wounded but survived sued UPS and the security company it hired to protect the premises. A San Francisco judge consolidated nine individual lawsuits, and the case finally went to trial in early November.